Life Development

The path to self-sufficiency


6 Months Residential Program

The 614 Corps is the home of The Men's Life Development Program. This is a residential program for up to six men who are ready to learn how to move out of homelessness and into self-sufficiency. Each man has his own private living space. The group has their own kitchen, laundry facilities and recreation area.

Through the program, the men are assisted holistically. The case worker and corps officer help solve vocational, legal, medical, spiritual and emotional needs.


The path out of homelessness

Our Steps to Hope


Vocational Assistance

Each man is given a specific responsibility in running the Café, such as helping with social services or custodial work. Through these responsibilities, the men are learning and using marketable skills they can include in their resumés. The men are also assisted in job training and searches.

Emotional Assistance

Each man has a weekly counseling session. The content of this session is confidential. This allows the men to deal with issues in a time frame they can handle, and it also gives them a safe place to deal with frustrations.

Medical Care

If any of the men in the program have medical issues, the staff can assist them with making and attending appointments, providing a safe place for medications and assisting with their safe use.

Spiritual Development

Each morning starts with a time of devotion. The men also attend Bible study, discipleship training and church services. Each man takes turn in offering the daily devotions for the homeless visiting the Café.

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